A platform to purchase unique art pieces from the most talented leisure artists. Our mission is simple: To produce museum-quality, exclusively curated wall art from impressive, hand-selected artists, while making that artwork accessible and affordable for everyone. We do this by partnering with artists who believe in our concept and by using a unique production process that allows us to cut costs, without skimping on quality.


Online Shopping

Enjoy shopping at leisure on line.  No crazy traffic or people, just relax and enjoy.

The Perfect Gifts

Give a painting as a gift.  Once hung, It will be enjoyed every day.  If you require a certain subject you may commission an artist.

Local Artists

This site provides a platform in which leisure artists can display and sell their work at Artist Prices.  Enjoy browsing through these beautiful art works.

From Our Clients

“Beauitful art from local artists at an affordable price. Now is the time to support our local talent!”

Michelle Skolnik, A Happy Customer

“I have been looking for a platform to sell my art for years. Finally, I came across Leisure Art Market and I couldn’t be happier. So easy and a great way to connect me with potential buyers.”

Edward Steenkamp, A Happy Artist


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